Saturday, July 4, 2009

Crikey and crivens, I missed a day! A question for bloggers.

I remembered what the new thing I meant to write about on Thursday was, just as it was supposed to be happening. Then I forgot to write a blog at all on Friday; things fall apart as they say.

Only in a very minor way however. You can blame Mrs CD for the non-bloggery, she was catching up on her tennis on the lovely i-player, so I wrote some music on the other machine, an altogether healthy and enjoyable thing to be doing I'm sure you'll agree.

The New Thing, was supposed to be attendance at an AA meeting. I went into town again and mooched round the new central library. One of my cousins has done some of the family history and I'm, of course, entirely thrilled to discover that my mother's grandfather's uncle - which I believe makes him my great great great uncle (but, hey, we're not exactly over endowed with over-achievers in the Cardiff Drunk family, so I'll take him) - rejoiced in the rather spiffing title of Archdruid of North America and was the first such no less. Americans wishing to pledge fealty and offer up giftage and tribute should just email me and we'll sort something out. It's a strange Welsh thing, but still it's nice to know there was a notable in the family. In fact, ironically enough, he was a reverend and quite the anti-liquor activist, to such an extent that his church was bombed by some of Pennsylvania's naughtiest purveyors of grog.

It was while I was pleasantly pootling round the library that I remembered the AA meeting, which was a good half-an-hour away and due to start in ten minutes. Oh well. I will try again next week.

That minor piece of absent mindedness aside I had a pretty good day, thanks for asking. Library, sat writing a postcard to my mum and dad to go with their copies with a coffee. Popped in to the Community Addiction Unit to take my Antabuse and saw another old Whitchurch hand there. Bought a notebook in order to sit scribbling in the park like some mysterious all-seeing eye type of fellow. Bought a sandwhich and went to the park and realised I'd look like some all-too-familiar pain in the arse pretentious failure sort of fellow (must work on that positive thinking a bit harder), so read a magazine. Then to the pub for my pints of blackcurrant and soda water - orange if I'm feeling devil may care - and watched Andy Murray exit Wimbledon with C.

Then got a very nice Chinese from the local takeaway - the lady behind the counter of which is the loveliest, smiliest, most patient and helpful lady behind any counter in any city on any planet.

And, really, that's about it. No alarms and no surprises, which might make CD a dull boy, but does him no harm at all.

I was glad to have done some music. It's not particularly accomplished and I'm never going to earn my living at it - although I have earned about $10 from a download site! Woohoo! - but I do find it totally absorbing and very good fun.

A quiet day then and with little thought of addictions or booze or feeling down. And, I know why, and this is the important thing. I keep myself busy, washing up and taking pills and putting washing away and walking and GOOD THINGS. A day of hope for more days the same. The beautiful weather doesn't hurt at all of course; that will pass, hopefully the lessons learned will not.

If you spent it, thank you for your time.


A question for blogger users. I'm convinced my spellcheck here is highlighting words which are correctly spelled and offering as a replacement the word I've used. Is anyone else having this problem?

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