Friday, January 2, 2009

A man walks into a bar... And out again and into a car!

Mrs Cardiff Drunk and I went out yesterday. Off in the car to West Wales to see a friend of hers - beyond Swansea! There be dragons.

We did a lovely walk around Careg Cennen. If you ever find yourself in the farlands, yes, even beyond Swansea, then do go and have a look, it's a real spectacular and in yesterday's sunny mistiness looked straight out of a fairy tale as the sun started to set behind it.

I worry. That's my job. And I am not a very sociable fellow (although I can't say that I like my own company either, although I hope this will improve). So, I worried about travelling, I worried about the country lanes freezing, I worried about being in company, I worried about going to the pub for a meal, I worried about the dragons.

And, guess what?

Nothing went wrong. Nothing happened. No dragons fell from the sky, no-one acted the loon and disturbed my hair-trigger equilibrium. A splendid time was had by all.

And, I didn't drink. I didn't make a big deal of it, just decided I wasn't going to drink and said I'd do the driving. I'm greatly assisted in this traditional aid to sobriety by my worrying - I'm an awful passenger and fuss awfully over Mrs CD when she drives.

I must admit it was tough to stay sober in company, but that means today is the fifth day since I had a drink.

And, was it so hard? No, not so bad. A little physical discomfort but nothing I couldn't handle and with my faithful friend Trazodone guaranteeing sleepy-bye-bye time once I got home.

I like driving. I like anything that can completely fill my brain and stop it wandering and with The White Album to speed us on our way it was all rather jolly.

Toodle pip.

Cardiff Drunk.

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