Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Better by bits

Long time no blog and all that. I've not been in the best of mental or physical health and as a consequence have had little to say for myself.

Things get a little better though - the plan to rename this blog Itching in Cardiff is receding as I get to some sort of grips with my eczema.

Nothing much else to say to be honest. I went off on one a little over the last week or so - drinking six days out of seven last week. This week has been better and I haven't had a drink since Sunday now. I won't drink today either as I have to get up early tomorrow to go to the doctors' then to work to make up what I missed in my illness then, hopefully, off to volunteer in the afternoon. It's my birthday and it's likely I will allow myself to celebrate this in the pub - even if I am celebrating on my lonesome, but I've met a couple of nice people in The O of late and will hope they are there to pass the time of day.

Next week I go back to the Therapeutic Day Programme for three days to complete the course.

Hopefully I'll be able to blog more after my blip too.

The main danger is that Mrs CD goes away today, working until Sunday, that's been the worst trigger for me to go off on a bender in the past and a successful few days will be remarkably good for me.

If you spent it thank you for your time.



Woody Jr said...

Happy Birthday! I wish you well and no itching!

Mary LA said...

I hope you have a good birthday and I really hope this coming year is better in terms of getting sober and sorting things out. I wasted so many decades myself and am happy just to retrieve something of my life. My freelance writing career has taken off since I sobered up and I'd like to see you become a writer rather than a Cardiff drunk.

xxMary in Africa

Anybeth said...

Happy birthday. and glad the itchies are getting better.

fallen-angelx said...

A happy belated birthday but happy February 1st none the less.

Missing your blogs.
I hope everything is ok.