Thursday, January 8, 2009

A much better day.

There that's better. Today was a lovely, sharp, fresh out of the box chalk to yesterday's hard, back of the sofa fluff-covered lump of cheddar.

And, it hasn't worn off yet. I still feel damn fine thank you very much, I might even call it an up.

Why's that then. Simple really. Better behaviour, more self regard. Wednesday was a mess. I was down because I feared my skin was running away from me - not literally you understand. Because I didn't eat properly, because I had a bath not a shower - bad for the skin that - and just let myself go a bit.

Today, I kept myself busy, and even stayed off the computer for a decent long time - oh, and despite this being one of the days my 'rules' allow me to drink on, I haven't touched a drop, although there's a bottle of sherry and some cans of Guinness loose aboot this hoose.

I started my volunteer work today as well, which is another little step back towards the life I once had before I ripped it up in a soggy mess of booze and misery.

I only stayed for two hours at Journeys (the depression charity, there's a link on the sidebar if you'd like to look at their work, which is really all about self-help, diet, exercise and the like), but it's great to feel useful.

I wrote some stuff for their newsletter - searching the internet for news about depression and chopping it up into bite-sized chunks. It's the sort of stuff I used to do like falling of a log (is that really that easy? To be perfectly honest I've never tried it) and I'm certainly not as proficient as I used to be, lacking the confidence of continued practice and knowing their house style.

I won't be able to go in next week, which is a shame, but for today that was very valuable for me - I hope it had some use for those on the receiving end.

I kept myself out of the slough of despond for the rest of the day with housework and food shopping and going to the library to make one of my regular donations to Cardiff City Council. Despite being a qualified librarian I am appalling at returning books on time - perhaps it's because of it, perhaps there's some terrible psychological scar.

I'm due at the doctor's tomorrow morning. I'm going to feel a bit foolish I think - the main reason for making the appointment was the skin problem, and, by stopping using Doublebase and going back to aqueous cream it seems to have sorted itself out. Still, I might, if I can pipe up the courage to break out of my 'yes doctor, no doctor, thank you doctor' persona, ask for a referral to a skin specialist as the Community Addictions Unit doctor suggested I should.

Well, it's a reason to get up anyway.

If you spent it, thank you for your time.



fallen-angelx said...

How old do you have to be to attend meetings at Journeys?
This is FallenAngel by the way, on my normal blog account :)

I was just wondering.
All ones for younger people are patronising and stupid.


Aran said...

Good, glad you had a better day - well done. I guess that's the reward for hanging on in there, so you deserve it.

And thank you for the Strawberry Switchblade, whose existence I had entirely forgotten...:-)

The Drinker said...

Hay FallenAngel. As far as I'm aware there's no age limit on the journey's classes and there is one in Cardiff - click the link on my side bar, they have quite a lot of information on their website. If you do go I'd be interested to hear how it all goes - I can't because of work, but self-help, exercise, diet and CBT seem to be the main themes which all seem pretty good things to me.

Hi Aran,

Thanks for commenting. How could you forget Strawberry Switchblade?! Ah, what a song... Archetypal one hit wonders though, although as I was looking round on t'web one of the women is still singing away.

All the best,