Friday, December 25, 2009

Minesweeping we have known

Ah yes, mine sweeping. Do you remember mine sweeping? Do you mine sweep yourself? It's probably a teenage thing really, but I've always done it.

And, I remembered it today. All those half-empty glasses my abstemious parents, my sensible drinking Mrs CD and her near teetotal parents left round the place. It comes so naturally that I did in fact find myself scanning for them; the glasses I could filch, take out to the kitchen and neck on the way. The bottles I could fetch and open and sneak swigs from. I offered to go and get the brandy to fire the pudding with (none for me) out of habit, bad habit, dead habit.

So, this is Christmas and what have you done? Survived innit. Not too bad really and sober as a choirboy (I wouldn't have been, when I was a lad I was briefly in a band who rehearsed in a chapel - we stole the communion wine. Imagine our horror when we discovered our Methodist brethren got to God without the use of alcohol, fair play to them.)

It's a bit of a strain being around family, particularly when in counselling most of which is to do with things that happened a long time ago in a place just over an hour's drive away. I love my parents, as far as I feel anything at the moment, but I'm also in long and ongoing discussions about how they fucked me up - as, of course, every one's parents does for everyone. It's one of the reasons I will never have children, why spread the pain further.

Ah, but something of note has occurred! Christmas Eve was a day without dope. I went to make one in the kitchen - I go outside for all my smoking, legal and otherwise so there's no suspicion in that - and Mrs CD's father came towards the door so I stopped. I could have gone back to it I suppose but I was quite pleased with myself for just saying no. I think I'll do the same today. I can't remember the last time I went for a day without smoking; it's been a long time.

I find myself feeling relatively positive about things. I had feared that the local kids would be out in full force, but it's been very quiet around here lately, since the petition came round in fact and I've also found myself worrying less. I'm toodling along quite happily on my lower dose Trazadone, which gives me a good night's sleep. My appetite isn't very good and I'm down to two meals a day, but they tend to be somewhat substantial. Mrs CD's at home, so my domestic duties are shared and the house looks nice and I'm doing more than my share.

Still, there lurk the demons, the misery that can lead to drink, the regret that I can't really socialise without drink - yet, it's supposed to be yet you're saying, let's try and see change as incremental shall we CD?

Mmm, talking to self, time to go.

Somehow I feel large and positive changes are on the horizon.

And of course I wish you a happy Christmas.


Anybeth said...

Merry Christmas!

The Drinker said...

And to you Anybeth. Nadolig Llawen.

Ms Kay said...

Sounds like it was a good day in more ways than one.
Seasons Greetings Cardiff x

MEM said...

I'm glad you survived a sober Christmas. Sounds like you are making progress all of the time. Best wishes to you for the new year.

The Drinker said...

Thank you Ms Kay and MEM, I hope your festivities went just as well - sober if you wanted it so and fizzingly spazzed on the cheapest of white cider if that was your thing this year.

I see you're from Portland, Oregon (the Oregano State?) MEM, and you're an Aquarius too. I'm an aquarius, X was quite into astrology and looked me up in a book that made my birthday that of the Compassionate Combatant. I was just delighted that I share it with the mighty Thomas Paine. There was lots of Welsh settlement in Oregon too I've discovered in my reading this year, so, I'm going to assume you're inflicted with miserabilist non-comformist chapels - I'm Congregationalist/Calvinistic Methodist/United Reform in heritage, a nice selection of the NO FUN brigade, against which my Taid (a fine drinker I'm led to believe in family whisperings) kicked - those pricks, huh.

I'm just being pointless, pay it no mind.

The Drinker said...

And Ms Kay,

Thank you too, I appreciate it. And, being nosey as I am I tried to find out more about you - I am thrilled to be on a list of blogs with the estemiable Belle Du Jour, who inhabited a world I knew too much about once, perhaps I should write about it, and for cash, freelance writer and all that innit, but I fear for the anonymity and for the consequences... Hey ho.

Glad you seemed to be in a good place around your last posts and I hope Xmas didn't spiral down a boozey plughole.

Brighteye is wonderful isn't it? I'm called Waiting List there, because that's where I was when I joined, I might just pop back.

Peace out.