Thursday, December 17, 2009


This is what I listened to to day: Rage Against The Machine, Bullet in the Head, and Killing in the Name Of, then a bit of Big Black Kerosene, then The Enemy, We'll live and Die in These Towns, and a whole lot of Wonder Stuff. A whole big gooey pie of nostalgia, anger and disappointment. Strangely, it was Rage Against The Machine that made me cry, a video of them performing over some riot footage, I was glad that the tears came - good God, I felt something!


Ms Kay said...

Out of curiousity how old are you Cardiff.

RATM and Wonderstuff were my staple diet when I was 16 or so ( I'm nearly 32 now)

Glad the tears came for you. I'm sure that sometimes random cry does you good.

Anybeth said...

wondered if you had seen this blog.

The Drinker said...

Hello Ms Kay,

I am 38 of your English years, although kind people say that I look younger, and I'm not inclined to disagree with them.

The crying was good, I could do with more... I am completely dissassociated from my emotions, I very rarely feel anything at all - one day I'd like to.

Hi Anybeth,

Yes, I have, I found it through MS Kay's blog. Blogging's been a bit of a one way experience for me, I churn it out but to be honest there aren't many blogs that I read - present company excepted.

It is cold in Cardiff, why is it cold? I don't like the cold, make it stop.