Monday, December 7, 2009

Pill dilemma

I intended to call one of my previous posts Pill Dilemma.

I'm aware that the amount of blogging I'm doing at the moment is possibly a little extreme, but I've got a lot going on and I'm trying to cut down on the several thousand word rambles, so this ones about my medication.

The one drug I've never neglected to take is Trazadone - sleepy, lovely, Trazadone, and SSFI-neighbour-proof sleep too.

But, I'm on the way to SSRI land, next stop Prozac, and have supposed to be cutting down my dose since the doctor's appointment.

I hadn't until tonight, but, in the spirit of, 'one more things won't make much difference' I've just taken 200mg rather than 300. These come in capsule form rather than tablet and I was going to say that I don't know what effect that might have on the medication, but, if early signs are to be believed, it might mean it works more quickly.

One of the reasons I want to change from Trazadone is that I'm aware how reliant on it I've become - not to manage my mood, although, I would say (and, I've tended to find that this is all an antidepressant can do) I think it has stabilised me to an extent. No, I need it to make me sleep, I'm addicted to that aspect of it and I get in a mild panic if I think I'm going to run out of it.


My dilemma is I'm not sure how good an idea it is for me to be changing anything at the moment - and I'm also aware at the stultifying effect on my recovery this kind of fear is having.

Scared to do anything.

Well, 200mg it is, let's see how it goes.

Night, night all. Nos da as my mother's tongue would have it.

If you spent it, thank you for your time.

Cardiff Drunk.

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