Monday, December 22, 2008

Hey there big-eyed world.

Monday now, and sober again.

But I lost it a bit over the weekend.

I won't go into the usual long account of my doings and imbibings and the concomitant loathing that do follow them. Oh no. Suffice to say, I went a bit mad - probably nine or ten on each of Saturday or Sunday. Weaker than I would normally have drunk immediately before I detoxed myself.

Still. I haven't drunk today. Made it to and through work with out any problems. Gosh, oh lordy I want a drink now, but I know I won't, not today, not tomorrow and not till who knows when.

We shall see.

I've just watched The Assassination of Jesse James by The Coward Robert Ford with Mrs Cardiff Drunk. For me to make it through a film sober is quite an achievement but it was a rivetingly sombre movie and all the better for it.

My favourite version of the famous song is by the Pogues: "And history will record it was Bob and Charlie Ford who laid Jesse James in his grave."

Brad Pitt in not bad acting shock too.

Hey ho. Hope yer all fine and dandy.

Nos da.

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