Sunday, December 21, 2008

Why so quiet, normally noisy Cardiff Drunk?

Quietness here is a bad sign. I meant to start this blog partly to give me something to do everyday and get something approaching a routine in my life.

When I don't post for a day, it usally means I've had a bad one - misery, indolence, that sort of stuff. When it goes a couple of days, it's likely that drink is getting out of hand again.

That's been the case this week I'm sorry to say and I'm rather too depressed to post at the moment, beyond this, I'll try again later.

Gawd bless us all.

The Cardiff Drunk.


Ruby Tuesday said...

please take care x

Mary LA said...

When I was still drinking I used to start and stop blogs with such monotonous frequency that I couldn't remember which one was currently active!

Hoping the week improves --



Anybeth said...

Yup, it's way too quiet over here!
Hope you're back up and raring to go soon.