Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Commenters and followers.



Any blogger knows how extraordinarily gratifying it is to know someone is reading yer ramblings and I'm no exception, I've got nine followers now and I love each and every little one of you to the bottom of your no-doubt spotlessly clean cotton socks.

I do try and respond to comments when you leave them, apologies if I don't. I'm very keen to link to other blogs about alcohol, depression and life in Wales as well, so if you have one, drop me an email or a comment. I'll try and follow the example too of one of my new pals - anybeth, who writes Swimming in Clear Water, and stick a post up about 'em, but then as you'll soon learn what I say, with all good intentions - like that Frodo fellah in Lord of the Rings, he really couldn't help putting the ring on could he? And digressively enough, it was interesting to hear in an interview with Andy Circus, who played Gollum/Smeagol that his research into the role largely involved talking to heroin addicts - isn't always what I do.

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