Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Year zero.

Do you do New Year's resolutions?

I don't.

But, seeing as it's that time of year and I've just gone three days sober, I might as well wibble on about what I'd like to happen in 2009.

Mrs Cardiff Drunk is safely sat down stairs watching a rom-com - I don't do rom-coms, I believe it to be an abbreviation of Romanian Communism and about as appealing.

Well, I hope to be in a better place with drink this year. I hope to get on with some, err, stuff - writing most of all. I aim to write this thang every day. Mmm. Oh yeah I intend to get on top of my whole flipping awful mess of a life, stop living in fear and anxiety and pain and start to have some joy again... Oh, and I'd like to win Miss America, or just for fecking once get onto the podium, come on guys be fair here.

And, I intend to listen to this song as often as possible, you should too, it's nice - and never, ever, again listen to the Katie Meluah version - oh no, not indeed no not.

Gawd bless the dagging lot of us!


david kramer said...

Dinosour Jr.!
Thanks for the video clip and lot's of luck fulfilling your resolutions. Set the bar high...why don't you.

BooBs said...

Dear Mr Drunk,

I do solemnly vow to listen to that song every day. I will also sing along loudly.

Best Wishes,

Mrs. Toothless Alcoholic

Fallen-Angel said...

My boyfriend got this cover for me on 7 inch :)

It's awesome.

Happy New Year x