Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wednesday morning at 9am. Cold turkey for Christmas.

I cut down yesterday. Seven instead of eight. Not much to shout about, but it's something at least. I've got the shakes this morning, which doesn't bode well for my plan for more radical action.

I start the new job on Monday and I've got to make some progress by then. So, I'm considering going cold turkey. I've just done a quick google search to see if I can find any useful advice - the only advice I can find is don't do it.

But I have to try something. I'm aware that the chief danger of detox is fitting, but I've been detoxed three times and never suffered in this way. I'm looking for positives here folks. The drug-supported detoxes I've done before have taken five days with a reducing dose of tranquilisers - Lithium's the one I've had - and I've got through them all OK.

The fact is though, I'm probably drinking more and in a worse mental and physical state than I have been when doing this before. There are some things I can do to help myself of course. I know I won't sleep tonight if I make it that far, but my antidepressants do make me drowsy. I'm due to see the doctor tomorrow and the community addictions unit doctor said he would write to them to suggest an increase in dose, so that will be more help.

I'm going to eat properly today - yesterday it was nothing till dinner. I usually manage some sort of lunch, even if it's just a piece of bread. Today I'll have to do better. I'll also need to buy some fizzy water and fruit juice, which I've always found helps the withdrawal of large amounts of calories and sugar that my body will be expecting from booze.

I'm quite accepting of the fact that I may not do this, but in trying, I hope I'll at the very least be able to cut down very substantially because I really need to be in a much better place by Monday.

I'm off to use the forums at brighteyes to see if there's any advice there.

Wish me luck.

Cheers, the Cardiff Drunk.

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