Saturday, December 13, 2008


Thursday was a real mixed bag - if Woolies weren't packed with bargain vultures you might have picked up my Thursday in the pick and mix.

Actually, there were probably more negatives than positives. I'm getting into a routine, which is a positive. I wake up and I get up and make Mrs Cardiff Drunk a cup of tea.

I was due to start my volunteering with Journeys: Recovery from Depression at 11am, but had forgotten that we had the plumbers come around to look at our turbulent priest of a toilet. He arrived, a bit late, but nothing major, took a good long look and had to phone a colleague, who came round, and took another good long look - conference, conflab and the suchlike. Big decision - we can't fix it, it's been put in by cowboys and you need a new one - but here's a little routine with a screwdriver to stop water pouring through all the time. Can we have £90 please.

Hey ho.

By then, it was too late to get to Journeys, so I phoned in plumbed. Disappointing, but there you go. I'm going to email them a couple of ideas for their newsletter today.

That's what I say anyway. I've identified a continuing problem I have; you might want to call it a symptom of depression, you might want to call it stupidity, you might want to call it laziness. I know which I prefer and it's closer to doors two and three, but I'm learning, starting again, picture me as a toddler or a teenager, man, I've got a lot of growing up to do.

Mrs Cardiff Drunk is a great one for to-do-lists. She says they help her keep organised and give her a sense of achievement when she crosses off jobs. I love 'em too. That is I love making 'em. And, I seem to have the idea that once I've thought of something, and then, even more concretely written it down, then it's in the bag and done. Can you spot the vital missing part of the process? Do email if you can.

It's kind of like a problem that the Left seems to have. Once something has been noted and satirised they seem to believe it's gone. The best example in my view is Oliver Stone's Wall Street. You'd often hear commentators referring to the old 'Greed is good' culture of Wall Street and the City of London, as if, in making a movie about the attitude it had been sought out, nailed and filed away in the THINGS WE DON'T DO ANY MORE file.

Recent events would suggest that a satire really isn't quite enough.

Still, I managed to do a little shopping and I managed to do a bit of writing. My Trazadone is really knocking me out at the moment, so I really want to try and change my routine a bit. Once I've taken it the evening's pretty much gone - I can't even read. And, I want to read. It says in all these how to write books (and it's pretty much received wisdom) that it's good for would be writers to read a lot.

Perhaps I'll put that on a list. Along with not wasting so much time on Comment is Free.

And that, my li'l childer, was Thursday. I called it Thirstday because I was still getting the cravings, and that's how we used to refer to the week at one of my old jobs: Mournday, Twosday, Woesday, Thirstday, Freeday. Weren't we just adorable?

Cheers, hope yer well and happy and healthy and wealthy and wise and all that jazz.

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